Return of the Blue Paperclip Dudes

An species of Larvacean,
first photographed last year by Steve Gardner.

Identified as Tectillaria sp.

These photos taken July 6, 2001,
in the canyon at La Jolla Shores.
© 2001 Steve Gardner

Click here for close-up images of the body of the larvacean (live)

Click here for microscope images of the larvacean (dead, without the house)

The outer, flimsy bag (sphere) is called the house.
The inner large white structure is a food concentrating filter.
The "blue paperclip" part is the tail of the larvacean;
the body is difficult to see in these photographs (it's very small).

These houses were 1/2 - 1 inch in diameter.








Technical Note: The areas outside of the discernible "house" in these photos have been blacked out to eliminate back scatter.