The Divebums Email List

About the List

The Divebums email list is intended for San Diego (or more generally, Southern California) diving or ocean-related information and is open to anyone (regardless of dive group affiliation). Postings generally include notices of upcoming events or meetings, dive reports, questions about dive sites or critters seen... and other local diving-related discussion. The list tends not to get into long discussions, which keeps the message volume manageable.

There are three basic rules for the list:

  1. messages should be relevant to diving in San Diego or Southern California
  2. non-commercial messages only, and
  3. be polite.

A link to the complete list of rules will be sent to you upon subscription to the list and is included in every list message footer.

To Subscribe or Unsubscribe

To subscribe, please send an e-mail to diving-request @ [this website domain] with subscribe in the subject line, then follow the instructions which will be e-mailed to you. Note that you may receive list messages individually as sent out or in a daily digest.

The list will only accept messages from e-mail addresses which are subscribed to the list, so if you have more than one e-mail address, choose the one from which you might want to send messages.

Should you wish later to unsubscribe from the list, please send an e-mail to diving-request @ [this website domain] with unsubscribe password in the subject line, where password is the password sent to you when you first subscribed. If you have lost that password, simply e-mail the list admins directly (not the entire list!) and ask that we remove you from the list. The list admins can be reached at diving-owner @ [this website domain].