Divebums Team

John H. Moore moved to San Diego in the summer of 1992 and several years later starting working his way down a list of things that he wanted to experience in life. First up was skydiving, which was an incredible adrenaline rush, but which also resulted in a broken foot. It turns out that the landing is key!

Next up on the list was SCUBA diving. John was certified through the original Diving Locker in Pacific Beach in 1995, with Richard Huffman as his instructor. The first time that a fish swam past his face, John was hooked! The first eight years or so, John averaged about 80–100 dives per year. He also got his dive master (SSI DiveCon) rating, again through the Diving Locker (instructor Bob Schaible), though he never worked as a dive master.

These days, and now with three young children, John is less of a dive bum than he'd like to be, but still dives... and often now with a housed DSLR camera in tow. It's not clear what was next on the original list of activities, but his two passions these days are diving and photography. You can view some of John's landscape, night, and underwater photography on johnhmoore.com.

Steve Haynes... bio to follow