Marine Field Identification

The old Divebums Southern California Marine Field ID section

Baja Sea of Cortez Marine Field ID

Notes (Fall 2012): The "old Divebums Field ID" section linked above is the original Field ID resource built on during the first years of this website. Once Photos of the Week was started, the number of local marine species for which we had photos and information went from several hundred to 500–600. It made no sense to continue to build the outdated, manually-coded original Field ID section.

Work began a number of years ago on a completely new, database-driven Field ID section, then stalled, and has more recently slowly restarted... though finishing the dataset behind this new Field ID resource is massive undertaking! Eventually the new Field ID section will replace the old, but for now—and with the publishing of this revised website—the link to the old Field ID section remains, even though it was not updated to the new site design.

The Baja Sea of Cortez Field ID section is also a legacy resource. It was started a number of years ago and is in need of updating and rolling into the larger new Field ID resource.