The HMCS Yukon being prepped for sinking

February 2000

Gearing at the end of a generator near the main refrigerator compartments
The operating ranges for an engine
Cut ends of some of the many, many wires which had to be removed from the Yukon
In the shell magazine
This maybe gives you a better sense of perspective...
In the floor near the hatchway down to the shell magazine
Cleaning Stations—Mess Decks
Looking down into the boiler room
In the engine room
An air conditioning unit
These kinds of signs are everywhere... what does it mean? (see chart above)
3"/50 Mounting & Gunar Power Panel brass plaque
One of many murals painted on the Yukon by the Sea Camp kids
That's the Coronado Bay Bridge in the background
Looking out the stern
The pink marks "head bangers" which will be removed
Pumping out a hold
Propeller shafts—approximately 100 feet long and maybe 12 inches in diameter
This time lit with a dive light and hand-held on a long exposure
Engine Room
On her stern; the box says "Headset Storage Box"
A pile of removed hatch covers
In the engine room—detail shot below of the measuring device
Note the marked inches on the ruler and the clear glass tube next to it
Same shot, different lighting
Close-up of the gear pictured above
Still in the engine room, looking up at the ceiling
Still in the engine room
Giant gears
Control panel in the engine room
Note the manifold on the left side—hundreds of tiny pipe openings
The clean up continues
The print says "Test Pressure 3000 PSI"
More of the murals...
More of the murals...
Working on the forward gunmount
This paint mark—on the floor—was made by putting paint on a dead squid...
This red button is the actual button which was to be used to set off the final charges and sink the Yukon.
The work continues...